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Nectar of Life Yoga is a community based Yoga teaching service and resource for people to access a full range of Yoga techniques and tools. Melissa Shemanna offers Yoga classes and workshops within the Yarra Valley and Melbourne areas.

Melissa is an experienced Yoga teacher who has been practising since childhood, and holds a wonderful depth of Yogic knowledge from various traditions she has studied from. Always passionate to learn from each and every person and circumstance, Melissa approaches her role teaching with utmost compassion and bring enthusiasm and inspiration to each practice.

Melissa hold an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher with the Australian Yoga Academy. She has also studied and practiced in the Kriya Yoga traditions, Kundalini Yoga, Satchinanda Yoga, ParaTan Nadi Yoga and mantra and Buddhist (Rigpa Vajrayana, Dzogchen teachings) amongst other various trainings.

Nectar of Life Yoga offers Yoga, breathwork (Pranayama), meditation classes and workshops for studios, individuals, corporate events and private group events. Timetable and information below!


Private Yoga tuition for individual person : $100 (1hr & 15 mins), (add $50 extra per person up to 5 people. e.g.$150 for two people, etc) – If travel time exceeds 30 mins, a small fuel levy applies.

General Yoga group Classes $80 per class – (you can grab a bunch of friends and create a yoga class together, I can come to you, or I have a venue!)

Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing/Mindfullness/Meditation Classes: $25 per student

CONTACT: 0432816034 (Melissa Shemanna) 




~Sat~chit~ananda~Truth of Bliss Consciousness~

Calm and focused on bliss within, to cultivate your ultimate presence

Pranayama~ Master the breath, to empower your life force



MONDAYS : Soul Sequence 6.30-7.45PM @ Healesville Wellness Factory

WEDNESDAYS : Soul Sequence 6.30-7.45PM @ Healesville Wellness Factory


KUNDALINI HOUSE ~ 319A St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy, VIC ~

TUESDAYS: Hatha Nectar Flow express 5-6PM & Hatha Nectar Flow 6.15-730PM

THURSDAYS:Hatha Nectar Flow 6.30-7.45PM


RACV COUNTRY CLUB HEALESVILLE ~ 122 Healesville-Kinglake Rd, Healesville VIC ~

FRIDAYS: Power Flow Yoga 10-11AM




Coming soon … <3


Follow Your Bliss...

Nectar Of Life Yoga with Melissa Shemanna