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Live-painting at Events & Festivals

The Honeybee Temple Foundation


  • Creating an Australian based platform for Visionary arts & culture
  • To support and strengthen projects both local and international, that bring awareness through Art activism/ Social & Environmental activism and spiritual knowledge & awareness
  • Focus on how to create or vision solutionary projects that embrace living in an enlightened society
  • The Honeybee (Apis Mellifera), is a symbol for an enlightened society that has longevity, holds implicit harmony, is holographic rather than hierarchical, and operates within natural law
  • The Honeybee Temple Foundation is a multidimensional practice for sovereign being on this planet that exists as TIME = ART.


The Honeybee Temple : portable off-grid gallery hive

A five year business plan to build a bamboo geodesic dome structure that will house “The Honeybee Temple” as a completely portable and off-grid Art gallery and culture connections space. This space will be able to travel to festivals, villages and cities in Australia and internationally, to offer an inspiring porthole and full experience into all the projects that we concentrate on.It will have a permanent home at the community Moora Moora, where I live, and will be used also as a full time Yoga and workshop space when it is not travelling.


This project will bridge the gap for

Nectar Of Life Yoga

Nectar of Life Yoga is a Melbourne & Yarra Valley based resource that offers longevity practices through breathwork/ Yoga asana & Meditation


Experience & Education

Melissa has been actively involved in exhibiting her paintings & curating art exhibitions and galleries in Melbourne and Sydney for 20 years. She is an advocate for developing the Visionary arts & culture in Australia. Click here to see Melissa’s C.V


Live Painting

Live painting at festivals, events and venues is a great way to open up dialog and interest in the process of creating a painting..


Mediums & Technique

Learning from the old masters is a life journey, as is the alchemy of distilling personal substance of purpose, legend and myth…


Lifestyle & Ethos

Living in an off-grid home in an established community on top of a mountain out of Melbourne Australia, has been a great way to raise two boys! Here is an article written as a direct insight into Melissa’s life as a mother, artist, yogini and honeybee medicine woman.


BLOG: Latest ART Adventures

Follow Melissa’s artistic adventures & links to social media posts here!

Melissa Shemanna : Visionary Art Portfolio