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Nectar of Life Yoga offers beginners to intermediate yoga and pilates classes in Healesville, Victoria.

Yoga is physical, mental, and spiritual practice and discipline that aims to bring together body and mind.
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Pilates brings together the six principles of concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing.
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Discover the benefits of yoga and pilates to your mind and body.

Art Gallery

Melissa Shemanna is a Visionary Artist who is based in an off the grid community outside of Melbourne, Australia. Painting for over 20 years, and bringing her spiritual path into realisation and form through her painting and Yoga practice.

As an artist, Melissa's intention is passionately felt and offered through her delving deeply into the cosmic spiral to find the zero point source of creation and emerge from the journey with offerings from her left-handed brush, dipped in heart pigment and light filament, lovingly churned with the milk of the cosmos. view gallery

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